The high technology of the separation tables TS consists in the perfect combination of vibration and airflow, which allows the segregation of granular particles with different weight and density. Through this separation method, it is possible to obtain a final product with a very high degree of purity (from 92% up to 99.80%) processing different materials, such as plastic, rubber, aluminum, copper, precious metals and more. The electronic control panel allows the saving of some working programs that can also be modified and adjusted according to the different kind of input material. TS can be supplied with self-cleaning filters, suction cyclones and separation valves.




The ZIG ZAG separator has been ideated for effecting a dry pre-separation of materials with different specific weight, above all those derived from rigid copper cables or stiff metalloid pieces. This pre-separator can select the input material before it reaches the turbine pulverizer and, by removing the heaviest pieces of metal, it can facilitate the turbine work and avoid any mechanical stress or wear of the pulverizer blades. The ZIG ZAG separator structure is equipped with operational cyclones and dosing valves. The airflow can be adjusted in accordance with the type of material to separate.




The VBV Vibrating screens use a vibrating system to separate inert materials basing on their size. This system works as a sieve that select and divide smaller pieces from larger ones according to the diameter of the holes on the grids.





The EDDY CURRENT separators are equipped with a conveyor system with magnetic rotor which generates an induction field through magnetic poles. The rotation speed generates a magnetic field that changes rapidly and, through the interaction between the magnetic forces, the non-ferrous particles are retained and separated from ferrous metals.