The system, without pillars, is deal both for the liquids collection and warehousing, and for the taking down of vehicles automotive parts. Thanks to the total pillars absence, it allows to accelerate the working time. It is equipped with lift pumps which make flow the liquids into the different tanks farms of double bottom of 260lt and rewinder hoses of 12mt. The car deck, in zinc, has a loading capacity of 3,5 tons and it can arrive to 1.96 mt height, suitable for who desires to use the reclaim machinery in two different work positions. It doesn’t need to bring about changes at the masonry because the car deck is on a platform with containers in order to collect further leaking liquids.

  • PFP/INOX 4 posts – 1000mm x 800mm – h 2300mm
  • PFP/INOX 6 posts – 2000mm x 800mm – h 2300mm
  • PFP/INOX 8 posts – 2000mm x 800mm – h 2300mm
  • PFP/INOX 12 posts – 3000mm x 800mm – h 2300mm
  • Platform ECO 350 – 4000mm x 2000mm – h 100mm








The reclaim machinery with still structure allows to darin cars liquids quickly and safety. Besides, it is equipped with lift pumps and tanks farms with double bottom which allow the liquids collection and the warehousing. Ideal for who desires to carry out the drainage of cars with security. It respects all the laws in force.

  • MB/SF 4 posts
  • MB/SF 6 posts
  • MB/SF 8 posts








Ideal tool to pierce shocks absorbers, to aspirate the oils inside and to make flow them into the tanks. Functioning completely oil-dynamic. Max pressure: 200bar.








Ideal tool to pierce tanks for fuel and diesel recovery from no longer used vehicles. Complete pneumatic functioning. Exercise function 6 bar. Certificated CE and ATEX II.








Machine suitable to the collect the gas and methane and to tuck away the tanks farms. It is realized to satisfy all the needs of who works in the scrapyards. MB RECYGAS is enough fast and it allows both the collection of liquid gas GPL and the security of the tanks farms by nitrogen. All that respecting the in force european prescriptions. It is certified ATEX II and CE. MB RECYGAS is the faster machine for gas gpl and methane on the market: it is able to drain so much as 2 kg of gas in a minute.

  • Height 2100mm – Width 1500mm – Depth 650mm







Multigas recuperator for refrigerants technical features: with trolley; it can recuperate every kind of CFC and HCFC refrigerant. Recovery and automatic oil discharge. Power supply 220V 50Hz single phase. 1/3 CV hermetic compressor with automatic oil recovery, recovery capacity 400gr/min. In compliance with the CE directive 2000/53 on the treatment of refrigerant gas in case of demolition of the vehicle.

  • 300mm x 250mm – h 770mm – weight 26Kg.








Collector and recharger conditioned air vacuum pump 72lt/min. Internal tank of 10kg with heater. LCD alpha numeric display with 12 languages ad only 4 keys. Updatable data base ( by rs 232 outlet) of more than 900 cars. Database on customer’s choice (30 positions). New software with sliding messages. 24-columns printer (standard on printer mode). High and low pressure gauses with “ok-not ok” scales. Pocket on the back-side for hoses and accessories. 3 possibilities of use: manual/half-automatic/automatic.

  • 440mm x 530mm – h 1210mm – weight: 75kg








Metal container, mod. Tt 280-4k capacity about lt. 280., (the type the can be traprted, approved by the minister of transportation and navigation with prot. N. 87/ii 11035 / uff. Iii of 25 august 1999 certificates rina, fit for transport of flammable liquid fuel class II and III.

  • Art. Tt.280 – capacity 280lt.
  • Art. Tt.440 – capacity 440lt.








MB BATTERY container perfect for the collection of worn-out batteries.

  • 700mm – 950mm – h 800mm
  • 800mm -1100mm – h 950mm
  • 1120mm – 1320mm – h 980mm








Ideal containers for the separated collectio of worn-out oils ofvarious type (mineral oil, hydraulic oil, brakes oil) and miscellaneous liquids (antifreeze, washer liquid).

  • Mod. ECOIL 3 mineral oil, hydraulic oil, brakes oil, antifreeze, washer liquid; Capacity 260lt – Diameter 800mm – Height 1100mm.
  • Mod. ECOIL 6 mineral oil, hydraulic oil, brakes oil, antifreeze, washer liquid; Capacity 500lt – Diameter 1000mm – Heigh 1330mm.
  • Mod. ECOIL 12 mineral oil, hydraulic oil, brakes oil, antifreeze, washer liquid; Capacity 1200lt – Diameter 1400mm – Heigh 1485mm.








Ideal to separate the tyre from the rims in safe and simple mode. The press allows the demolition about 60 tyres per hour. Electric-hydraulic motor and standard components as automatized function with automatic turn-off cycle and complete closed casing. Certified CE. Accessories by request: Diesel motor, wheel loader “HERKULES”.

  • size 600mm x 1200mm – h 2400mm
  • weight 580Kg
  • motor 3,5/380 Kw/V








The MB REVERSE ECO 3500 is the new single column car lift with two different possibility of use. Ideal both for the vertical lifting or tilting of 90°, permit to the operator also to work with fluids disposal, or normal mechanical uses. Accessories by request: ecological platform with containment tank and heel proof grid. Equipped with arm length adjustable. Loading capacity: until 3.500 Kg both in lifting or tilting vehicles.








The MB AIRBAG allows the airbag explosion and deactivation by an electric circuit. Its functioning executes in a single or double way, depending on the need.

The device is equipped with:

  • Bag
  • Rechergeable battery of 12V 9H
  • Charge battery
  • Original interface
  • Cables








The “parcamento auto” for no longer used vehicles is ideal for who works in a scrapyard and desires to reduce all the problems about the encumbrance. in fact, it allows to recover space and to delete any discomfort. produced in zinc.








Electric hydraulic shear, ideal for industral demolition with reinforced blades.

  • pressure 700bar
  • power at the notch 20ton
  • cutting power at the center 15ton
  • opening blades at the head 130mm
  • opening blades at the center 140mm
  • blades depth 100mm
  • dimensions 600mm – 240mm – h 160mm