The rotating blade mills MRG can pledge the best performances thanks to their great functionality and ease of use. Their high-resistance blades have a gradual impact on the counter-blades, thus permitting an energy saving of about 50% on the whole production process. These mills can treat voluminous quantities of products not subject to previous shredding and are perfect for grinding PC Boards, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, leather, copper and aluminum cables, telephone wires, electronic devices, and more. The structure of these granulators is made of reinforced steel.

*production capacity per hour varies depending on the type of material to be processed.

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The hammer mills HAMMER REX series have been designed for rough grinding and refining of small and medium wastes, like: metallic materials, aluminum, glass, automotive body parts, electronic cards, electric cables, tyres, WEEE materials, clinical waste, solid urban waste, scrap metals, and more. The high speed rotation of the hammers activates an instant acceleration that results in a first shredding of the product. The material is successively grinded by the impact against the walls of the grinding chamber and, after being suctioned by the mill, it is crushed against a perforated screen for a finer reduction. The shaking action of the hammers keeps going on until the whole product reaches the desired size. Ideal for the pre-grinding of WEEE materials.


*production capacity per hour varies depending on the type of material to be processed.

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