The Conveyor belts NDT are perfectly suitable for conveying any material to the system, since they can easily regulate the product flow. Equipped with a start-and-stop electronic device and a dosage hopper, they enable a balanced dosage and a correct determination of the upload. On these conveyors, it is possible to insert a magnetic roller for the separation of iron and steel components from the rest of the product.






Mounted above a conveyor belt, NMG magnetic overbands work effectively for the removal of iron and steel components contained in the product conveyed. Once the iron is extracted and retained, it is conveyed out of the magnetic field and then released into apposite containers. NMG overbands ensure a deeper cleaning of particularly contaminated materials from residual iron, therefore protecting the rest of the processing equipment against possible wear and damage.




The Filtering Chamber CFM retains fine dust produced during each working cycle. Thanks to its sleeve filters, all the powders are collected and stored into special bags which prevent the spread of pollutants in the air. The usage of this particular equipment helps work in accordance with the current regulations on pollution in the working environment. This filtering system is equipped with vibrators that allow a temporized self-cleaning of the sleeve filters.




The hydraulic shear CEI MB-500 has a shear force of 130 tons. Useful for cutting steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, components in pond, etc.





The Super Stripper series includes powerful cable-stripping machines designed for the recovery of electric copper and aluminum cables through the quick separation of the outer cable coating. Very easy to adjust, they can strip many different types of cables, including: Steel Wired Armoured cables (SWA), double steel wired armoured cables, steel tapes, PVC covered cables, lead covered cables, thick rubber covered cables, nylon covered cables, low-grade cables, TT cables and more. Thanks to their unique blade design, they can shred and strip any length of cable in their cutting range, thus making cable processing a fast and easy job.