Compact Systems

copper eco 1000pzz new2COPPER-ECO2               cavo-elettrico      RADIATORI

COPPER ECO series has been designed for the recovery of copper from electric cables and other wastes with different specific weights. The strength of these systems is the insertion of a granulator mill which, through a grinding process, transforms the product into granules thus enabling, in the next phase, an easier separation and a consequent increase of the recovered material. These compact systems are also equipped with a cabin filter for pollutants that operates through closed-circuit self-cleaning filters. Easy to install, COPPER ECO machines need very little maintenance.

Schede-Copper eco en

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SUPER-WEEE-ECO               cavo-elettrico     RADIATORI     SCHEDE-ELETTRONICHEsuper-weee-750-eco

The compact plants from SUPER WEEE ECO series are characterized by excellent components that make them unique in their genre. These technological systems are automated by a touch-screen control panel that allows a simple handling of the entire working process. Through selecting the type of material to process, it is possible to choose different working programs for electronic cards, electric cables and copper or aluminum radiators. The software can perfectly control the system for the whole processing. After being grinded by a reinforced granulator mill, the materials are pulverized by the turbine pulverizer TP and then led into the Zig-Zag air separator. Subsequently, the materials reach the densimetric tables for the final dry separation phase. These systems are also equipped with a filtering chamber with self-cleaning filters, which aspirates pollutants and collects fine particles in special big bags for disposal.

SUPER WEEE ECO plants can guarantee excellent performances in the recovery of precious metals from electric and electronic waste, with a degree of purity of 99% in the final outcome.



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